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Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

General Information

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation is a medical branch that increase the life quality of patients by reducing their pain and improving the problems that occur in the musculoskeletal system. The wideness scope of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation services increases the treatment options and allows of spesific studies for the patient’s problem. Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation are basicly considered as two different term but those terms are complemantary to each other.


Treatment of injures or diseases in musculoskeletal system and the pains with; exercise, electrical currents, cold-hot applications. The main purpose of Rehabilitation is to provide the ability to move lost after the diseases or injuries that have been experienced. Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation may used alone or it may also be recommended as an additional treatment.

Over time, the patient begins to get rid of the aches and gradually gains the ability to move. Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation applications must be performed by experts. For this reason, people who need Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation treatment should be careful while choosing the institutionsthat they are going to treat.

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Clinic Treatments:

  • Waist and back pains,
  • Shoulder, knee, foot and heel area pains,
  • Calcification problems,
  • Osteoporosis disease,
  • Movement restriction,
  • Sports injuries,
  • Problems that arised after hand operations and hand tendon incisions,
  • Disorders occuring before and after anterior cruciate ligament surgery,
  • Rheumatic diseases,
  • Loss of mobility after stroke,
  • Reduction of pain syndromes,
  • Spine curvature,
  • Decrease in mobility after Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery,
  • Treatment of MS disease,
  • Treatment of Parkinson’s disease,
  • Treatment of CP disease,
  • Problems in soft tissues, are treated in Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Clinic.

What Are Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Methods?

Physical Therapy Methods are determined according to the age, general health conditions, weight and problems they are experiencing. Over time, the patients realize that their pain is decreased, their muscles are strongthened and their mobility is increased. After Physical Therapy, patients problems can be solved at early stage and surgical necessity may not be required no longer. Although Physical Therapy Methods are identified with exercises, the Physical Therapy Method is not just exercises.

Hot and Cold Applications;

Increasing blood circulation, reducing pain and accelerating tissue healing are the treatment methods frequently used in chronic pathologies.


It is electrical stimulation of sensory nerves in order to reduce motion restrictions, to distribute the edemas and to relieve pain.


Banding can be used with both protection and correction purposes in Physical Therapy Methods. Protective bands on the limbs that should not move and in order to prevent posture disorders, bands are fitted which are produced for correction purposed.


It is the transmission of sound waves to the body of patients to increase blood circulation, reduce edema and remove swelling.

Apart from these treatments, there are other methods of Physical Therapy. Patients requirement determines the treatment method. Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation treatments should not be interrupted. As a result of regularly scheduled therapies, patients experience a decrease of pain in their musculoskeletal and soft tissues and strengthening of their movement mechanisms.

As Private Ata Sağlık Hospital, we are serving to increase the life quality of our patients in our Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Unit as well as in all our clinics. With our expert and experienced personnel, we are aiming to reduce the pain of our patients, revitalize their circulatory systems, remove inflammation, fix postural disorders and increase muscle coordination.

Specialist Dr. Zehra Kocaağa

Birthday: 1978 Education: Ege University Medical School Ege University 24/01/2008 physical medicine and rehabilitation