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Pediatric Diseases

General Information

Children are our future, hope and to give them the best health care is our prior duty. We are distinguishing ourselves as Private Ata Sağlık Hospital with comprehensive health service that we give to children in all age groups including newborn babies. Regular health checks for childrens are made by our expert team and we apply all necessary treatments in case of diagnosis of a possible illness. As soon as we detect the formation risk of diseases, we start preventive treatments and prevent more serious problems occur.


From childhood to adulthood, children catch different diseases. The fact that relatively weakness of their immune system and more affected by changes in the enviroment than adults, provide a good basis for diseases. If the treatment is interrupted, even minor health problems can cause serious problems and reduce the quality of life for children.

The most common childhood diseases are; Sniffles, Flu, Otitis Media, Pneumonia, Diarrhea, Conjunctivitis. As Private Ata Sağlık Hospital, we have experienced doctor staff and technological equipment to treat all possible diseases that may occur in children. We closely follow the technological developments in order to maximize the efficiency of our treatment processes and we take care to ensure that the devices have superior equipment which used in the treatments. We update our ambulatory care service to the needs of children and their families. If necessary, we can provide emergency treatment in case of possible complication by offering bed treatment option. We use all the resources of our hospital to improve the health of children thus we can keep their situation under control.

We provide the best quality service to children who have symptoms of neurological diseases, heart and vascular diseases, ENT problems, showing allergic problems, digestive problems or need therapy. All children between the ages of 0-16 may having surgical operations with our experienced surgeons. We use all the technological opportunities to complete childrens treatment smoothly. We provide our service policy which is to identify with beautification of children’s lives, in our all units.


Measles, rubella, chicken pox, mumps, whooping caugh, 5. disease, 6. disease.

Although the incidence of infectious diseases in children has decreased with the vaccination, it will not be right to say that the risk has completely ended. Particularly children with weak immune systems and situated in crowded environments are more likely to get these diseases.


Adenoid and tonsil diseases, otits media, the external ear,head and neck neoplasms, respiratory tract diseases.
If ENT diseases would not treated in children, it can lead to loss of treatment in the future. For this reason, parents should closely observe the symptoms of their children and appear ENT specialists without losing time.


Strabismus, eye irritation, refractive errors, glaucoma, retinal and optic nerve diseases, eyelid diseases, corneal diseases.

Eye diseases that occur either congenital or childhood should be treated without delay. Some eye problems can cause a decrease in vision in the later period or even it can lead to vision loss. For this reason it is necessary to follow the reactions of children starting from infancy. You should not forget that the sooner treatment is the higher success rate.


Epilepsy, speech delay,attention deficit, small head size, muscular disorders, nerve involement.
Neurological diseases in children can occur with or after birth. Factors such as severe illnesses and traumas that are experienced can trigger neurological problems in children. Parents who realize there is a problem in the development of children need to go to the specialist soon.