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Orthopedıcs and Traumatology

General Information

Orthopedics and Traumatology department, diagnose and treat muscle and skeletal system disorders which occur after received strikes, traumas and accidents. Comprehensive services are provided like, athletic injuries caused by unconscious exercises, resolve the innate problems. The main purpose of this field is to enable the patients to move easily, to get their health and, to increase their quality of life. Persons experiencing discomfort in the treatment of orthopedics and traumatology should take care of their expert choices. With the progress of technology, the scope of Orthopedics and traumatology is gradually expanding and the field is divided into sub-branches.


Sports Injuries

Persons’ bones, soft tissues, muscles and joints can be damaged because of reasons such as exercises that are not suitable for their health condition, not spending enough time to warm-up exercise before starting to sport and unconscious, sudden movements. Sometimes these problems are insignificant and sometimes can have serious consequences. As an example of the most common sports injuries are; shoulder dislocations, cuff tears, lesions on the wrist, meniscus, cartilage injuries, fractures and sprains. High technology imaging devices are considerable helpful to diagnose problems the patient is experiencing. Patients should get medical support as soon as possible in order to prevent sport injuries get chronic.

Shoulder Diseases

Patients who are unable to move their shoulders, who have severe pain, whose arms become weak and whose nights sleep is divided are required to receive medical support without losing time. Tearing and rupture of shoulder ligament; dislocation and breakage in shoulder can lead to more serious problems if they are not treated. Physical examination, x-ray imaging, magnetic resonance imaging and artogram technique can be used to diagnose shoulder diseases.

Foot and Ankle Diseases

Foot and ankle calcifications, nerve compression, foot pain, swelling, heel pain, changes in toe structures, tendon ligament injuries are diagnosed and treated in Orthopedics and Traumatology units. These diseases, which can be seen at all ages, can be treated with medication, physiotherapy and, if necessary, surgical treatment.

Op. Dr. Ömer Selçuk ÖÇMEN

Personal Information: He was born in Sanliurfa in 1976. Educational Information: He graduated from Denizli Faculty of Medicine in 1999. Place of ...