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General Information


Obesity, which is among the biggest health problems of our age; characterized by the accumulation of excess fat in the body; chronic, which can cause serious health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, stroke, cardiovascular diseases; is a preventable and curable disease.
Obesity disease, which can occur due to inactivity, consumption of large amounts of high-calorie foods, genetic factors, eating disorders and hormonal imbalance, affects people physically and psychologically.
In overweight, they both lose their health and start to be isolated from society in time. As they are isolated from society, they become more unhappy and more depressed. Obesity patients need to lose weight to implement. However, the design of the diet, exercise, improve life, may not respond to it sensitive to time. Moreover, the excess discomfort that appears to gain weight will begin to risk their lives.
At this point, the “Bariatric Surgery” which means obesity surgery will become involved

Who is suitable for Obesity Surgery?
Body Mass Index 40 and above and included in the classification of morbid obesity,
Body mass index is 30 and above and those who have risky diseases such as high blood pressure, joint problems, cardiovascular diseases,
People who are determined to lose weight and change their lifestyle and really want to undergo surgery can apply to obesity surgery operations.
There are different methods used in the context of obesity surgery. The evaluation of which methods are suitable for which patient belongs to surgeons. If the patient’s health status is suitable for surgery, it is examined whether he is ready to lose weight psychologically. Surgery or bariatric procedures are not performed if the patient is not psychologically prepared to struggle to lose weight.



In endoscopic gastric balloon applications, an inflatable silicone balloon is placed in the stomach of our patients. Unlike other obesity surgery operations, the special balloon placed in the stomach should be removed after 6 months. The stomach balloon application allows the patient to lose weight quickly by filling the stomach and restricting food intake. After 6 months, the patient may lose 30% of their excess weight if they follow the doctor’s recommendations and perform proper nutrition and physical exercises. Stomach balloon operation aims to regulate the changing blood values ​​due to the patient’s excess weight, regression of risky diseases and to obtain the right habits for a healthy life.



Stomach botox is an operation that is performed without endoscopy without any surgery and helps you to lose weight one hour after the procedure and return to your daily life.

After the procedure, you can lose 10-15% of your body weight in a 4-6 month period under the control of a dietician and you can reach the ideal weight you want.

It is one of the most convenient and easy treatment methods for patients with a body mass index of 35 or less. It has no permanent effect on your stomach and does not cause any harm.

Stomach botox is an application that helps you lose weight by reducing the feeling of hunger and delaying gastric emptying. After the procedure, our patients lose weight rapidly if they act following the healthy nutrition program given by the dietician.

If you can make the nutritional habits permanent during this period and continue these habits in your later life, your results will be permanent.