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Gynecology and Obstetrics

General Information

By following all the developments of the medical world, we are always working for to keep our service standards at the highest level, as Private Ata Sağlık Hospital. As with our other clinics, we provide services with experienced specialists in our Gynecology and Obstetrics Unit as well. We offer privileged services in our Gynecology and Obstetrics clinics in order to eliminate possible problems of gynecological diseases, pregnancy process before and after birth. We provide our expertise doctors with the highest quality health services meet with our patients in their birth process, assisted reproductive techniques and treatment of gynecological diseases.


Normal Birth – Cesarean – Painless Birth by Epidural Anesthesia

Mothers who want to have baby, should  make the right desicion about the way of birth. Experts would advise them in the direction of their health condition and the position of the baby in uterus. Although normal birth is the most preferred method, sometimes cesarean section method is used for the health of pregnant mother and their babies. In addition to that, painless birth can be used even the mother and baby’s health is appropriate for normal birth, in the cases of when mother’s pain threshold is low or mother does not want to suffer.

Human Papilloma Virus Type – HPV Vaccine

Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), also known as genital wart virus, is transmitted by sexually. There are many types of viruses that cause this disease which can be seen both in women and men. Since there are more than 100 different types of the disease, it is necessary to first determine the HPV test and the type of the virus for the treatment of the disease. In addition to the HPV test, additional diagnostic methods such as Pap smear and biopsy can be used to diagnose HPV. After the HPV is done, the severity of the disease is determined and the treatment is started.

Cervical Cauterization – Cryocoterization

Cervical cauterization; is a method used to remove either good or bad tissues, from the cervex. This procedure, also known as burning treatment, allows patients to return to their daily lives in a short time. Cervical Cautery Treatment can be performed with different methods such as heat, electricity and laser beam and patients do not feel pain during the treatment. The method of cryopreserving skin lesions such as wounds, warts, skin tags and molluscum in the mouth of the cervix is called cryocoterization.

Pipelle Biopsy

It is the process of identifying the structure of the intrauterine membrane of people with infertility problems and taking sample from the intrauterine membrane of people who are menstrural bleeding during menopause.

Full Curettage

It is the process of taking samples from the intra-uterine membrane and cervix cannal on the purpose of determine the causes of bleeding before and after the menopause period. This process provide significant informations about the diagnosis of cervical cancer and uterine cancer diseases.

Cervical Biopsy and Diagnostic Curretage

Diagnostic curettage methods are used to examine the cervical and intrauterine structures, to diagnose the diseases and determine the appropriate treatment methods for the patients. Cervical biopsy is also one of the diagnostic curettage techniques. Cervical biopsy can be defined as the process of removing the whitened tissues of the cervix after the application of a special solution to the cervix. If anomalies are detected during routine examinations, cervical biopsy can be performed.

Histerosalpingografi (HSG); It is the method that enables to viewing of the intra uterine and fallopian tubes. In the fluoroscopic X-ray process, video images are obtained, not pictures. The HSG method is used to determine the problems of getting pregnant or the risky pregnancy processes. Also the factors of causing infertility can be diagnosed by this method.

Assisted Reproductive Techniques

In assisted reproductive techniques, which are the greatest hope of couples who can not have children by naturally; the egg cells from the woman and the sperm of the male are fertilized in the laboratory and the obtained embryo is placed in the uterus to form the pregnancy. The “Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)”, also known as vaccination, method can be used in some patients. In order to increase the efficiency of the treatment processes of women who apply to assisted reproductive techniques, the follicle follow-up by ultrasonography is performed.

Tubal Ligation with Minilaparotomy and Laparascopic

Tubal Ligation is one of the most preffered method for women who do not want to have children. Tubal Ligation can be done by cutting an incision of 3-4 cm, with laparascopy from the abdome region, or with minilaparatomy from the just above the pelvic bone.


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