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Eye Diseases

General Information

If eye diseases that manifest with different symptoms such as xerophthalmia, eye irritation, blurred vision, dizziness, headache, eye pain are not treated on time, it can lead to serious problems that may even cause vision loss. The diagnosis and treatment of eye problems are performed in Eye Diseases Clinic.

Diagnosis and Treatment Methods Used in Ophthalmology Clinics

OCT (Heidelberg);


  • Optical Coherence Tomography is an imaging technology that provides high resolution cross section scanning of the retina layer. As a harmless, painless, fast and effective method; OCT is used to diagnose retinal diseases, to measure visual nerves, to diagnose and treat yellow spot and glaucoma diseases.
  • Examination of Auto Refractometer (Computerized) and Phoropterial Eye Defects; the otofraction and phoropter devices are used to determine refreactive errors of the eyes, in the most correct way. Auto refractometer automatically measures myopia, hypermetropia and astigmatism. Phoropter device is used by ophthalmologists for eye examination.
  • Measurement of Previous Glasses with Lensometer; an optical device called phacometer is used in order to make measurements of the previous glasses of patients suffering from vision problems. The basic function of this device is to find the optical center of the glasses and lenses, the dioptric power, the axle direction of the glasses and to find the prism base direction and dioptris of the prismatic lenses.

Examine the Front of the Eye with Biomicroscope;

Biomicroscope device allows an enlarged imaging of the inside and outside of the eyelids, conjunctiva, cornea, anterior chamber, lens and iris structures bu zooming view. Using biomicroscopy in eye examinations ensures that problems are clearly identified. Thus, treatment process can begin quicker.

Non-contact Tonometer and Eye Tension Measurement with Aplanation Tonometry: Eye tension can be defined as increase in intraocular pressure and accordingly damage of visual nerves. It is an important eye problem that can lead to loss of vision, if not treated. Non contact tonometer and applanation tonometer devices are used to make the measurement of eye tension clearly. The results show the most accurate values of the patient and form the treatment process.

Measurement of Corneal Thickness with Pacometry;

The pacometry device, which allows measurement of corneal thickness, can clearly identified the potential eye tension problems.

Fundus Examination with Non-Mydriatic Camera without Using Eye Drop;

There are visual nerves and veins on the fundus which is located at behind the cornea and sclera. Problems that may occur in the fundus, can lead to serious problems. For this reason regularly control and early diagnose is necessary. Medical examination of fundus without using eye drop is easily done via non-mydriatic camera.

Treatment of Retinal Hemorrhages with Laser Photocoagulation;

Depending upon getting uncontrolled of the diabetes, blood vessels may become damaged or sudden bleeding may occur in retina. In this case, argon laser is delivered to the blood vessels to stop the bleeding by means of laser photocoagulation in order to prevent the progress of the problem and preserve the visual ability.

Eye Tension with Yag Laser and Secondary Cataract Treatments;

Yag lasers are used to treat people who have eye tension problems with elevated intraocular pressure and who have recurrent cataract problems despite have already had surgery. The treatment takes a few minutes. Yag laser, which is a very safe and effective treatment method, is the foreground in the treatment of eye tension and secondary cataracts.

Myopia, Astigmatism, Hypermetropia Treatments with Excimer Laser and Related Surgeries;

The treatment of myopia, astigmatism and hypermetropia problems known as refractive errors and facilitated with laser technology. Excimer laser fixes eye disorders of patients. According to the vision problems different types of Excimer Laser is applied such as; PRK, LASEK, LASIK.

Visual Field Test;

Visual field is determined by computerized visual field tests and provide detailed information about the condition of the retina, the health, of the optic nerves and the optic pathways. Visual field tests, which are commonly used in the diagnosis and follow-up of glaucoma, should be repeated at regular intervals.

Diagnosis and Control of Glaucoma with HRT;

Glaucoma disease which among in the most dangerous and insidious eye diseases appears with the symptoms such as blurred vision, tenderness in the morning, ringed view of night lights and eye pain. Damage in the eye nerves due to pressure can cause permanent visual loss in time. HRT, can be defined as “nerve fiber analysis”, method is used for diagnosis and control of this disease. NFA is also known as Ophthalmoscopy.

Cataract Surgery;

Loss of transparency of the eye lens results in decreased visual acuity and blurring is called cataract. The definitive treatment of cataract, usually due to progressive age, is possible with surgeries. In cataract surgery, the eye lens is removed and an artificial lens is placed. Cataract surgeries are completed in a short time and safely with PHACO, the phacoemulsification technique.

SLT Laser (Glaucoma Treatment);

One of the methods used in the glaucoma disease is SLT (Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty) laser method. When the medication is inadequate, if patient has open-angle glaucoma, SLT laser treatment can be done within 3-4 minutes.

Oculoplastic Surgery;

Oculoplastic Surgery lacrimal apparatus, which is the sub-specialization of the science of eye health and diseases, deals with diagnosis and treatment of eyelid problems and soft tissue. Problems such as involuntary closure of eyelids, under eye bags, sagging of eyelids, eyelid injury, eyelid cancers, eye irrigation, orbital tumors are corrected within the scope of Oculoplastic Surgery.

Treatment of Lacrimal Duct Diseases;

Congenital or acquired lacrimal duct diseases can cause side effects such as burring, watering, and infection. Medical or surgical treatments are applied depending on the severity of the symptoms of lacrimal duct diseases and the causes of their occurrence.

Removal of High Eye Numbers by Intraocular Lens;

Patients who want to permanently solve their problems due to refractive errors instead of using glasses or contact lenses, can sigh of relief through their intraocular lenses. Patients’ visual acuity increases during the approximately 10 minutes of operation and far or short sightedness can be corrected at the same time.

As Private Ata Sağlık Hospital, we organize the treatment processes of our patients who have received to our Eye Diseases clinic with our advanced technological devices and specialist doctors with all the details. By utilizing from advanced technologies, we diagnose problems and, if necessary, treat eye diseases with surgical or non-surgical methods.


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