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Emergency Servi̇ce

General Information

Human life is full of unexpected suprises. Unfortunately sometimes these suprises may not be so good. Medical support shuld be taken as soon as possible when unexpected events occur such as; sudden injures, accidents, signs of illness, trauma, serious injures.

We are ready to serve you with our experienced team and advanced technological devices as Private Ata Sağlık Hospital for 7/24. We offer quality service to you in case of emergency intervention like medical dressing, plaster cast, injection are required. From the fact that the interventions in the emergency room clinic have become increasingly important, we are continuing to expand the scope of our emergency services and we are continuing to take steps to improve the efficiency that we provide.


Emergency Service Unit has the essential technological device and equipment to carry out the first intervention. Our specialist doctors, surgeons and health technicians are also work in our Emergency Service Unit.

Emergency Service saves life, produces solutions that prevent the growth of problems may occur in the future.
As Private Ata Sağlık Hospital, we provide comprehensive health services in international standards with our health care personnel who are constantly improved their expertise.

We are at your serve with years of experience and quality service understanding.

Dr. Rasim KOCA

Education: Ege University Faculty of Medicine, Medical Student (2006) Place of Duty: Ordu Mesudiye State Hospital, Emergency Service (2006-2007) Kırkağ...