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Diagnosis Units

General Information


Success in health care services can not be distinguished from technological improvements and innovations in medicine. For a right treatment of diseases, diagnosis needs to be done correctly. There is a close connection between the development of technology, integration into the field of health and the making possible of treatments for diseases. For this reason the importance of diagnostic units which are used to diagnose various diseases is increasing. As Private Ata Health Hospital, we use technological devices and advanced diagnostic methods in our diagnosis unit to diagnose the disease symptoms and problems of our patients. Thus, even the most serious diseases can be detected at early stage and we can go to the treatment process without losing time.



X-ray devices are used in cases where the patient’s bone structures, breast regions, digestive system organs, lungs, and excretory system organs need to be examined. Because of the x-rays have the ability to pass through the tissues, they can present very important data in diagnosing problems that are not visible or can not be detected by physical examination.

Computerized Tomography (CT)

Computerized Tomography is a diagnose test method which is used to obtain images of blood vessels, internal organs, soft tissues and bones in detail. Images obtained during computerized tomography scanning can be simultaneously viewed, printed, from the monitor and transmitted to electronic media as three-dimensionally. With this imaging method the result is achieved quickly, accurately and painlessly. CT which is usually diagnose cancer cells and tumors, allows specialists to perform rapid and on-site interventions.


Increasing of the rate in breast cancer and awareness of this disease have increased the importance of Mammography imaging. Mammography is a method that allows the visualization, of even unrecognized tissue changes by physical examination techniques. If any differentiation noticed in women’s body during routine checks, mammography procedure is applied. At this process, breasts are compressed in a special unit to obtain a clear image.

Bone Densitometry

Bone densitometry measurement, also known as bone density measurement, accelerates the treatment processes of patients with bone loss risk. It is suggested that people who have osteolysis story in family and shortening in length with the advanced age, should regularly perform bone density measurements.

Coloured Doppler Ultrasonography

Coloured Doppler Ultrasonography is one of the imaging technologies used especially during pregnancy. Coloured Doppler Ultrasonography is used in diagnosis of vascular diseases and pregnancy tests. Coloured Doppler Ultrasonography is used to obtain information about vessel diameters, blood flow velocity, internal organs status, and blood flow velocity.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Magnetic Resonance Imagingis a safe imaging method used to determine whether or not tissues are healthy, to detect changes in tissues, and to diagnose diseases. MR can be used to identify neurological diseases, the causes of headache, problems in the vertebrae and to diagnose intraabdominal disorders. This imaging method, which uses radio waves in the magnetic field, makes it possible to diagnose diseases at early stage.


Ultrasonography is an imaging technique that allows assessment of the dynamics of blood flow and the anatomy of internal organs and blood vessels by directing high-frequency sound waves to body tissues and taking their reflection through visual images. Ultrasonography imaging technique provide a great benefit in diagnosis and diagnosis of diseases as it is in other imaging techniques.

Kidney Stone Treatment – Lithotripsy

People who had experienced kidney stone disease, know how this disease can cause pain. As the stones grow in volume, they cause suffer in direct proportion with the their size. However through the stone crushing unit, patients can get over this process much more painlessly. The shock wave which is regulated to the size of the stones, is sent to the stone in the target and the kidney stones can be separated into small pieces by using concussion waves. Shock Wave Lithotripsy (ESWL) method provides the patient is able to get rid of a difficult process which may become an operation process.

As Private Ata Sağlık Hospital we have the ability of combining our expertise with technological devices and imaging techniques. We can take preventive measures for possible diseases through our diagnostic units, which provide information on the treatment of diseases and diagnose of the health problems of our patients.