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Clinic Physcology

General Information

Clinical psychology is a branch of psychology that is concerned with the people of all ages with both normal and abnormal behaviors and attempts to make sense of these behaviors. Those specialized persons in clinical psychology are called “Clinical Psychologists”. The main purpose of Clinical Psychologists, is to findout the underlying causes of human behaviors and overcome people’s abnormal behavior by evaluating them. Although physical health is thought when it comes to human health, human health can not be considered separate from mental health. Clinical psychologists perform their researches in a very wide scope.


Pediatric Therapy (0-6 years)

There is a strong connection between the emotional disturbances that children experience and their behavioral abnormalities. Different factors, such as social environments, families, whether or not having siblings, and the society that they are in, shape the behavior of children. Sometimes it is difficult to understand the psychological difficulties they encountered, but children can differentiate over time. They may become jealous, start to enuresis, can afraid from the darkness, and abstain from entering social environments. Clinical psychologists must take steps to detect and correct these behavioral changes in a timely manner. Clinical psychologists should not be neglected in situations that affect mental health such as sleep problems, growth problems, aggressive behaviors, eating disorders, trauma, gender identity disorders. Clinical psychologists determine their necessity by applying observation, analysis, listening, storytelling, individual interview and assessment tests.  In the later stages, they use appropriate technical and appropriate therapy methods for the resolution of the individual’s development, change and problems.

Adolescent Therapy

During adolescence the difficulties which encountered by the individual’s are increase, their environments are change, their future concerns are increase and when the hormonal differencess are added to all these changes, it can be lead to problems that young people can not overcome on their own. Clinical psychologists collaborate with adolescent’s families to ensure healthy process development of adolescent individuals. Adolescents are assisted to overcome problems such as; lack of self-confidence, motivation and exam anxiety.

Adult Therapy

During the adulthood period, individuals may not be able to cope with some problems correctly due to psychological negativities such as;  confusion, unhappiness, stress, panic, anxiety, communication problems, addiction problems, sexual problems, obsessions and adjustment problems. At this process, clinical psychologists apply special treatment procedures for their problems in order to improve the mental health of adults and increase their quality of life. In the direction of the problems that the person is living various therapy methods are applied; problem-solving therapy, solution-oriented psychotherapy, behavioral techniques, sexual therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy. Adults who are experiencing behavioral and emotional problems need to be supported by professionals before their problems get bigger.

Family Therapy

Clinical psychology is also interested in identifying problems that can harm the family institution and to eliminate these problems. Problems are come to the table in family therapy sessions which can include couples or all family members and tried to be solve of the problem of communication between them. It is aimed to express the problems of family members under the control of the specialists, such as sexual problems, communication problems, anger problems, role sharing ambiguities, divorcing problems, and to come from above these processes. Clinical psychology services also include counseling. Individuals, at any age, can get support from clinical psychologists who listen to them, direct them and guide them on how to solve their problems. From the selection of career paths to the identification of personal development methods, it is possible to speak clinical psychologists in  many different areas.

As Private Ata Sağlık Hospital, in our Psychology Clinic, we are working with clinical psychologists who are constantly developing themselves, closely following scientific researches and experienced in their field. We are managing all the necessary processes for our patients to become happier, more successful, healthier individuals with our specialized staff in children’s therapy, adolescent therapy, adult therapy and family therapy.

Psychologist Beyza BÜLBÜL

 University: Doğu Akdeniz University Faculty of Science Department of Psychology (Educational Language; English) – 2010 Master: Istanbul Esenyurt University Clinical Psychology  ...