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Brain and Nerve Surgery

General Information

Brain, nerve, spine and spinal cord diseases are diagnosed and treated with surgicalor non-surgical ways. This speciality is called ‘’Brain and Nerve Surgery’’. There are many diseases that take place in the scope of this speciality also known as neurosurgery. This speciality unit also diagnoses and treats spinal cord, spine and nerve diseases besides of brain surgery.

Which Diseases Are Treated By Brain And Nerve Surgery?


The discs that function as buffer between the lumbar vertebrae are undergo structural changes due to motionless life, overweight, sudden moves, cigarettes and alcohol. Sometimes these silky discs that are full of gellies become flattened and sometimes burst into pressure on the nerve. Brain and Nerve surgeons are treating patients with low back pain that cause severe pain and reduce quality of life.


Just as it is in the slipped disc; damage to the discs between the cervical vertebrae and increased pressure on the nerve root causes the people to have complains such as severe pain, numbness, weakness. Treatment of cervical disc hernia which can occur due to aging, immotility, trauma falls into the speciality of Brain and Nerve Surgery.


Immediate intervention is needed to brain hemorrhage which can occur due to structural defects of the veins, high blood pressure, diabetes, trauma and vascular occlusion to figure out how the brain hemorrhages occur, will lead to the treatment process. If that factors are not treated on time, it can lead to death.


Trauma surgery applies all the necessary treatments to ensure for people’s problems not be permanent after accidents or collisions that cause of back, neck, spinal cord and brain damage. Complications of trauma sufferers are minimized if they are intervened in time by specialists.


The increase in intracerebral pressure based on with increased fluid volume in the brain is called ‘’hydrocephalus’’. The indications vary from person to person and can be observed in any age group. Hydrocephalus, which can only be treated surgically, take part in the Brain and Nerve Surgery field.


Arachnoid cysts that can be seen in newborn babies or children and may lead to disorders such as head bone malformations, congenital spinal malformations, encephalocele and take place in cerebral and spinal diseases. Surgical methods are used to treat these diseases.


Traumatic Neuropathies can be defined as an increase in the pressure on the nerves and subsequent nerve compression; result in complaints of pain, tenderness and sometimes numbness. Trap Neuropathies seen in different forms such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Ulnar Nerve Trap Neuropathy, Meralgia Paraesthetica, Peroneal Nerve Trap Neuropathy and can appear on the wrists, elbows, legs and ankles. Patients with Trap Neuropathic Diseases are treated with surgical and non-surgical methods.


There are different factors that can cause back pain. Patients with low back pain complaints should be survey in detail and treat according to the identified problem. When the spine compresses the lost spinal cord, backbone shift is occurred. This disease decrease the patients life quality and causes pain, requires surgical intervention. Spondylolysis can be expressed as wear and tear of joints. Physical therapy is primarily recommended for patients with restricted movement.

As Private Ata Sağlık Hospital we present the high technology with most experienced surgeons to our patients who receive to Brain and Nerve Surgery Clinics. We aim to achieve high success in all treatment processes in order to increase life quality of our patients with permanent solutions and quality service.